These days, picture frames are readily available from all kinds of sources. You could run down to the local framing shop or you could buy standard sizes from a huge range of online and offline retail stores. The truth is, we aren’t here to take on the mass-produced, standard-sized frames, but we do believe our frames are significantly better quality, but with the same easy self mounting.

So here are a few key reasons to consider buying from FrameIT:

Exceptional, handcrafted quality

Our framing materials are of high quality, and our frames are handcrafted by experienced professionals with decades of experience. You can be assured that every order we receive is custom crafted from scratch.

Custom framing to your exact specifications

When you buy a mass-produced, standard-sized frame, you may be sacrificing on certain elements. Maybe the frame is bigger than you need? maybe the mat border is not quite right? there could be all kinds of aspects you’d rather not sacrifice on. The alternative might be to visit a framing shop, which will usually come with a higher price point and the inconvenience of multiple trips to drop off and collect.

FrameIT aims to find the sweet spot in the middle. We determine the perfect frame measurements based on your item dimensions and give you a host of customisation options not available with mass-produced frames. We do all of this whilst keeping the price relatively low and delivering it to your door.

Build and pay online, receive in 3-5 working days

Over the years we’ve got a sense of what customers typically order when it comes to framing. We’ve used this knowledge to strip away as much complexity from our frame builder as possible. Once you’ve built your frame and paid online, we are able to ship your order to you within 3-5 business days. Convenient and time saving, no more trips to the shops.