A common inquiry we receive here at FrameIT is whether our frames are suitable for framing a jigsaw puzzle? The answer is a resounding YES! so we put together a video that walks through the process of framing a jigsaw puzzle using a FrameIT crafted Frame.

Key things to note in the process

To glue or not to glue?

If you aren’t going to disassemble the puzzle in the future, you may decide to use a puzzle glue to permanently attach all the pieces together. This can help to create a sturdier piece of artwork and a glossier finish, and also, for larger puzzles, in particular, will make it easier to place into the frame.

In the example we show in the video, we haven’t glued the puzzle in order to highlight that its perfectly possible to frame such a large, and complex puzzle without using glue. This provides the added benefit of allowing you to disassemble the puzzle in the future if you wish to.

Not using glue can make it slightly more challenging to get into the frame initially, but once everything is tightly sealed at the back, it will sit firmly in place.

Getting the measurements right

After you have completed your puzzle, you will need to measure the height and width of the item. It’s critically important that you measure your puzzle to the exact millimeter. For example, if the item is 50.2cm x 73.2cm you should enter this into the FrameIT website ‘exactly as-is’ without any rounding down.

Exact Puzzle Measurements

We cut our frames to exact specifications, so if you round up or down, even by a couple of millimeters, it could cause your puzzle not to fit.