Thanks for ordering a custom frame with FrameIT. We ship mounting materials that are best suited to the size of the item you’re framing so there is different videos below to account for this. Please note that you can of course mount the item as you prefer, but many ‘off-the-shelf’ tapes will include acids, which could over time damage your framed items. The materials we provide are all acid free.

Mounting your artwork when no mat border

When there is no mat border you can just remove the backing board, add your work, place the backing board back on top, and seal everything back up.

Mounting your artwork with Adhesive squares

You’ll find these in the box as little strips on adhesive squares [blue back / white front].

Mounting your artwork with photo corners

Mounting your artwork with acid-free tape

To make things simpler we’ve now proposed two methods you can consider when leveraging our Lineco acid free tape. The first method is through creating ‘loops’ and is definitely the easiest approach. The second method is using a technique called t-hinging. Please see each below for reference.


T-hinge Method