We provide a wide range of services supporting individuals and companies with image scanning, repair and touch-ups. This covers the restoration of old photographs, but also applies to printed images that may have become damaged. We also often scan or photograph original artworks such that the owners can safely store their original whilst hanging their printed copy.

Services we offer

We offer a wide range of services in this area, including, but limited to:

  • Photo scanning, repair and touch up of old photographs that have seen better days. This includes common issues such colour fading, holes, scratches, yellowing etc.
  • Scanning or photographing of damaged prints for restoration and re-printing where the original digital file can’t be obtained.
  • Scanning or photographing of original artworks, such that owners can safely store the original, but enjoy the reproduction.
  • Printing and framing of repaired photographs.

For more information, kindly drop us an email at hello@frameit.com.sg or contact us on whatsapp at 8798 6867.

How do we do it?

Step 1

For smaller sized images we typically use a flatbed scanner to capture the original image. For larger sized images we will use a high quality camera to photograph the image.

Step 2

We will repair or touch-up the image based on your guidance to the best of our ability. This is typically done through work in Adobe Photoshop by a trained professional.

Step 3

We will provide you a draft file to review. Once you are happy with the outcome we will provide you a digital file of the final version and handle any printing/framing [if you wish] as optional extras. If you want files transferring onto USB memory sticks / SD Cards etc, this can also be arranged, otherwise we would typically send via Google Drive, WeTransfer, Dropbox etc.

What does it cost?

It really depends on 3 main factors:

  1. The physical size of your item. For smaller items we can use a flatbed scanner and get a good digital reproduction very fast. For larger items we will need to photograph the image which incurs a bit more set-up time. In some cases we have to take multiple photos or scans and then stitch images together in post production.
  2. The state of the original item. We will assess the current state of the item and estimate the amount of time required to restore it to an acceptable level. Images with surface damage such as scratches or mild discolouration can be fixed relatively quickly.
  3. Your expectations on the final outcome. We will always do your best to meet your expectations, but there is usually a point at which further enhancements or clean-ups of an image start to produce only very marginal improvements, but with significant additional time required to reach them. Our goal is always to provide good results, and we will advise when we feel that we’ve restored to the maximum of what is reasonable given the original state of the image.

Examples of our work

Photo Restoration Example Photo Restoration Example Photo Restoration Example Photo Restoration Example Photo Restoration Example